What’s in a name? Weekly News on all things writing

Hi again, I‘m back with just a quick note update on the hectic writing-explosion that is going on right now as far as the writing updates/projects.

I’ve been getting increasingly active in the deviantArt community and taking part in some of their contests/challenges/prompts as it’s been a fun way to sit down and work on a story without trying to wring it out until it’s just right. Having a specific deadline has, for me, given me more drive to sit down, get out the important parts of the story and THEN edit for corrections.

Before, I would sit and write and wear myself out going over every individual line almost immediately following getting it down on paper, or screen. This has managed to eat up far more time than I should have allowed it to and thereby slowed down the writing process for me considerably. I’d suggest any of you reading, that are looking to write more actively, consider setting yourself a deadline if for nothing else than to push yourself passed the dread of endless self-corrections.

Accept the fact that, in most cases, you will never consider your own work done, or wish you could change this, that, or the other.


So with that out of the way, what is currently on my Scrivener project pad at the moment?

The Plague Road (working title) – the story following Dr. Rene Shultz and his associate Caleb as they work their way across country all the while fighting the ever-present sickness that has begun wiping out those left on an abandoned planet earth.

Will continue to be regular entries, although not necessarily weekly as other projects may bump in here and there.

Before the Fall – another short story in an ongoing effort to build the world around my main novel.

Novel – My main work, the be all end all story that made me sit down and write and not just talk about it. I have a dozen or so title prospects and the main story written, it’s now time for revisions/editing a little bit of hair pulling and hopefully, by year’s end… release.

Also – Current contest I’m working on is for a deviantArt competition called:

The ABC’s of the Apocalypse. Those writing are assigned a letter of the alphabet to use in order to establish their theme for the entire piece. It seemed like one of those really fun things to do and so I’ve thrown my hat in the ring, will also add that piece here as well once it’s done.

Wow, looks like even more than I thought once it’s all put down like that…. either way, a lot in the days ahead for writing, if not sooner with a finished piece, see you in a week!

Oh, and I forgot to mention, if you want to find any of the work I’ve submitted to the deviantArt side (not all have been posted here) find my profile here (note — takes you to deviantArt website)




About Sam Hughes

A military veteran, an avid techie, and most importantly, a new father with an itch to write for writing's sake. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I've made my way around the U.S. through various means experiencing what I can every step of the way. I have an immense love for all things Science Fiction, but particularly find myself drawn to post-apocalyptic literature. I'm a long time writer working on getting down enough of my ideas, then re-working them into things that, hopefully, others can come to enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing. Always happy to talk about most anything, especially anything tied to the craft or just stories in general. View all posts by Sam Hughes

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