30 second breather.

Hi all,

Not much today really, still in the middle of a few pieces, polishing up some while still writing others, but just wanted to take a short little blurb away from my normal weekly additions/updates and say hi and thank you to everyone that has stopped by and/or liked what I’ve added to the blog-o-verse thus far.


I’m still new to it all, so I’m sure I may have missed a few opportunities here and there, but I’ll at least say that I will work on it!

So, with that in mind, I hope this particular post finds you happy and healthy and just keep an eye out as I’ll be posting up contest/prompt entries in the next week or so with what I’ve done. Really excited about them as, admittedly, I’m a fairly huge post-apocalyptic fan, so the prompts were exactly the break I was looking for.

Again, just wanted to say thank you to those that’ve stopped by if I haven’t done so personally/responded to you on your blog (working on it, honest.) And hope to see you back here soon for what I’ve been working on.





About Sam Hughes

A military veteran, an avid techie, and most importantly, a new father with an itch to write for writing's sake. Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, I've made my way around the U.S. through various means experiencing what I can every step of the way. I have an immense love for all things Science Fiction, but particularly find myself drawn to post-apocalyptic literature. I'm a long time writer working on getting down enough of my ideas, then re-working them into things that, hopefully, others can come to enjoy as much as I enjoyed writing. Always happy to talk about most anything, especially anything tied to the craft or just stories in general. View all posts by Sam Hughes

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